Fighter Pilot’s Guide to Pitching

By Scott | June 28th, 2019

The Physical and Mechanical Approach To Baseball Let’s break it down. There are two aspects of pitching that directly relate to flying a supersonic jet like the F-16 – mechanics you ... Read more

Fighter Pilot’s Guide to Pitching 

By Scott | June 21st, 2019

The Mental And Physical Aspects of Pitching The Fighter Pilot’s mental view of pitching comes from Lt. Col. Scott “Hurler” Weaver. The Coach’s perspective on the physical side to pitching comes... Read more

Paying Tribute To Chinese Pilots

By Scott | June 20th, 2019

As noted in this article by China Daily, families continue to pay their respects to the pilots in the Chinese Air Force who fought against the Japanese Invasion in WWII. The ... Read more

Leadership, Safety and Success

By Scott|November 12th, 2018

Most experts will tell you that good decisions are the result of three factors – knowledge, a gut feeling and careful consideration. Some people seem to have a knack for making... Read more

Finding Your Passion

By Scott | November 12th, 2018

You often hear people advise others – “find your passion.” What does that really mean? Are they referring to passion at work? Or perhaps passion in a sport or hobby? What ... Read more

Converting Others On The Love of Aviation History 

By Scott|November 12th, 2018

Comments on a book review by Joanna Werynska One of the reasons I wrote my book, The Pilots of Thunderbird Field: Where Aviation Took Flight. 1941-1945 and Beyond, is to tell ... Read more

Captain Jerry Yellin 

By Scott|November 12th, 2018 

It was July 2017 when my FB (International Officer) on the 777, Jerry Smith, handed me Jerry Yellin’s business card. We were on our way to Buenos Aires. He was telling ... Read more

Aviation History

By Scott|November 12th, 2018

I’m calling myself an Aviation Historian nowadays, with an occasional reference to Aviation Futurists. I come from a long family of aviation experts. In fact, on 5 May of 2017, in... Read more

Last Fighter Pilot Interview

By Scott | October 8th, 2018


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