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The Pilots of Thunderbird Field | Top Seller On Amazon

Spread your wings and explore 90+ years of aviation history told by a third-generation pilot, Lt. Col. Scott R. Weaver.

A unique story never told before about his grandfather, flight instructor, Leo Purinton and his family history, starting in World War II, continuing through Vietnam and ending in the Gulf War.


The Pilots of Thunderbird Field

by Scott R. Weaver
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The Pilots of Thunderbird Field

by Scott R. Weaver

Forgotten Ally is a story that should have been produced last YEAR! With the timeliness of what is occurring in Hong Kong today, there is no fresher script available to help show support for democracy in South East Asia or the world.

It’s current, has a strong female Asian character, full of action and would have a broad appeal throughout the US and world. We are currently in preproduction and are at 75% of our fundraising efforts. Details on our progress will be posted